Early [2015] experiments in NIndy's Shop series 

I am a London based photographic artist and educator using documentary photography and expanded modes. Since graduating from West Surrey College of Art and Design, Farnham, England in 1988 with a BA in Photography, my work has been exhibited, published and reviewed internationally and held in public and private collections.

I have also worked with photography within commercial contexts, especially during mid 1990’s to early 2000’s in NYC and London. I am currently Principal Lecturer of photography at the University of Westminster, London. In October 2023 I was awarded a PhD by Published Works after  submitting my thesis, ‘What the Subject Did. Negotiating Agency within Representation’ to the University of Sussex.

Photographic practice allows me to interpret my social and political curiosity with the world. How representation performs knowledge within that, adds to my fascination. I have primarily used still photography, but also fiction; moving image, performance and verbatim theatre; as well as three dimensionality and immersive installation.

I maintain a belief in the validity of documentary practice with an open mind to how  it may manifest.  When working well, photography can formulate important questions beyond language, through spectacle, provocation, and poetics, yet alone, will rarely resolve anything in the real world.

Recent shows:
David Moore Connecting Works. Sion and Moore. Bethnal Green, London.
Civilization.The Way we Live Now. Saatchi Gallery, London
The English at Home. Centre for British Photography, London
Open House, Whitworth Gallery, Manchester

︎ david@davidmoore.uk.com