The Lisa and John Slideshow - Audience Remarks

Comments from premiere of The Lisa and John Slideshow- 25/26th March 2017 at  Derby Theatre Studio as part of Format International Photography Festival 2017
“Loved it! One of the best of Format today.” – Kalpesh Lathigra
“Interesting way to show work and to talk about what happens to the ‘subjects’ after the images- something we don’t often know.”
“Truly fascinating and deeply moving. Not seen anything like this in photo-world before J”
“Very powerful and absorbing. Loved to hear the different perspectives. Such a unique experience. Thank you.”
“Incredibly moving. Brilliant script. Brilliantly crafted. Powerful, honest. Excited to see photography meet theatre in this way. Thank you.”
“Well Done!” – Brian Griffin
“..fascinating to see how you’ve progressed the collaborative practice thing to the point that most of the usual criticisms of documentary just don’t apply. I felt Lisa and john seemed to represent some part of the atmosphere of Allenton as a whole. Really good work, congratulations”
“The theatre performance was fantastic this evening @mr_davidmoore1” – Hannah Watson, Belfast Exposed

“So many questions raised by the layers of representation/ self-reflection/ authorship etc”
“Out of everything that I saw over the Format launch weekend it has stayed with me the most. It felt highly relevant within the context of the festival, but also an important endeavour within its own right” – Mike Brown / Arts Funding Derby City Council
“Very interesting- well produced and the fiction/non-fiction aspect is intriguing.” – Professor Huw Davies

“Absolutely loved the show..brought back some very dear memories that I have for Karen..loved the actors work as well..Got my Mum and Da spot on..Thank you so much..” – Nickola Mosely
“the play was very good” – Martin Parr
“Moving sympathetic and relate-able piece, without being cynical’
“A new nostalgia”
“The response from the audience member [who was an actor] opened up an intimate space where the audience /performers divide melted away”
“An exciting bold development of a documentary project”
“Remarkable. Made me think about how we consider our own identities.. the slippage between history and \ fiction….constantly editing..Thank you”

“Great – groundbreaking … it shifts the debate around over romantic documentary photography in the 1970s and the colour photography in the 1980s into a different arena” – Jagdish Patel