The Lisa and John Project

David has been working collaboratively with Lisa and John, two subjects of the Pictures from the Real World series, asking them to select their own photographs from the full archive via a mutually agreed methodology.

Lisa and John, who were a couple in the 1980s, have since divorced and have worked separately on the same archive.

This intervention challenges the presence and authority of the original works via active participation in the production of a new works where the former subject steps into the production space.

The Lisa and John project re-activates an archive of David’s own documentary photography work from 1988, Pictures from the Real World, Colour Photographs 1987-88, photographs of working class communities in Derby, and performs a critical reassessment of the work’s purpose and location through an archive intervention, and collaboration with those photographed in the series , proposing several discursive exhibition outcomes.

In Conversation
- Source Magazine, June 2017

The Lisa and John Slideshow

‘The Lisa and John Slideshow is a 45 minute theatrical play, written and directed by David Moore and assisted by Gavin Dent, using actors to play the couple, opening out the whole project via an unprecedented theatrical discourse. The script has been devised by transcripts of interviews with Lisa and John as they selected their own photographic choices from the archive of David’s series ‘‘Pictures from the Real World’’ drawing on principles of verbatim and immersive theatre as well as improvisational rehearsal techniques.

The performance explores interplays between photography and theatrical tableaux, where ‘theatre models photography’ around an axis of the everyday and social circumstances. The Lisa and John Slideshow premiered at Format International Photography Festival 2017 in Derby Theatre with Alan Mosley and Sarah Toogood.


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Lisa and John – Oh My Days!

An Installation of scale theatrical maquettes showing the ‘photographer at the scene’ making key photographs from the series ‘Pictures from the Real World’
The maquette is a device that constructs guidance for performance, advising on position and perspective of actors, scenery and props. So, using a museological vernacular that retains a wide audience, here it is intended that the politics of observation are put into full view, recontextualising process from a 360 degree perspective.
The models themselves are approximately 11 inches square and sit on plinths 1.2m high contained by Perspex and may be located in a room adjacent to the slide show and also exhibited independently.
These three dimensional response observes ‘the photographer at the scene’ and forms part of a consistent theme of display, performance and performativity that runs through The Lisa and John Project.

- Documentation Photographs

Lisa and John – Look at Us!

Here, a two-screen choreographed projection, of Lisa and John’s selections, are projected into a corner repeating a motif to be found in the design of the maquettes. The archive is challenged and opened up by previous ‘subjects’ This will be a walk in environment, again opening up themes of agency, dark, only illuminated by the light of the projector and accompanied by an audio file.

- Visualisation Photographs