Monitor Synopsis

Monitor explores the modern enslavement to the machine. Our protagonist’s attention is drawn to a hypnotic and uncertain presence that we cannot see, ‘in an air-conditioned environment with recycled oxygen, deadened by electronic emissions, the characters in Monitor are rendered corpse-like and inert against a cold dark slab of office infinity’ [Chandler; David, 2003]

Monitor develops a conceptual idea found by David Moore whilst making his documentary series of computer portraits. One which expressed the isolation and the invisibility of changes within the modern work place, instant communication and information overload, changes which are internalized and according to Paul Virilio refer back to the body as “the last urban frontier”.

Accompanied by Graeme Miller’s soundtrack, Monitor becomes a lament for the certainties of a more permanent work culture, one that has all but disappeared into the dots that make up our computer screens.

Directed by David Moore
Produced and assisted by Paul Burch
Edited by Scott Cato at The Quarry
Soundtrack by Graeme Miller

Based on a series of David’s photographs first exhibited in “Office” at The Photographers’ Gallery 2004