Journal Extracts

…And after much to-ing and fro-ing we eventually secured access to the Palace of Westminster, a building at the heart of the nations political life.

1st day.

The equipment we had chosen for the task was as follows;

Bronica sqa 6×6 body
Bronica sqa 110 mm macro lens
Bronica sqa 50mm lens
Several film backs

Two Metz flashguns with extension cords and spare batteries
Minolta auto IV light meter.

Mamiya c330 6×6
Mamiya sekor 65mm lens [this eventually proved unreliable]

We exclusively used Kodak Portra 160 vc 120 colour negative film.

My assistant, Laurent Betton and I met at 7.45 am on the first morning with a high sense of expectation. The project had been thought about and discussed for several years. Previous sorties, via correspondence from significant institutions had resulted in terse denials of my entry to the chamber [1] and whilst others had had a degree of access in the meantime, their findings had barely touched on what we were about to discover.

So, on a bright June morning in the year 2000, I found myself outside of Black rod’s garden entrance at the extreme western end of the Westminster. We passed through the first cordon and entered a room through a [proscenium] archway. There sat an X ray machine and a security guard. Our equipment was passed through and we waited for another doorway to open before us allowing us into the next preliminary level. At precisely 8.00am the small and hirsute desk clerk from the other side appeared and we went through, a little further toward our destination.