Angela Weight: Afterword, The Last Things

David Moore: The Last Things


When David first approached me with the idea of making work in a secure government environment, it was only two years since 9/11 and the London Transport bombings were yet to happen. As he put it in the proposal that we made to the Ministry of Defence in December 2004, `I would like to make photographs in secure areas of the MoD that deal specifically with UK airspace and counter terrorism. If we can discuss the current situation of an `invisible war’ or `war on terror’ as a site for potential new photographic work, then the modernity of the MoD is more relevant than anywhere else in the UK.’ Had we approached the MoD through journalistic channels, we would have got nowhere, since our motives would have been suspect. By going through the Collection Manager of the MoD art collection we made it clear that this was a cultural project, not an exposé of the country’s security defences. Nevertheless, we were nervously aware of the political sensitivity of what David was proposing, and he constantly stressed that it was not his intention to compromise security within the building or that of any individual.